Anniversaries – 6th October

Anniversaries are funny things, they appear once a year, reminding us who we are, where we’re at, and sometimes of how things used to be. It might be a wedding anniversary or a birthday, a national or religious occasion; public or private, joyful or sad, they all hold significance and can be charged with emotion.
There are some anniversaries we look forward to. We make extravagant plans, and when they arrive we wish the day could last forever. But there are always some that are more difficult to remember, and they seem to sneak up on us before we’ve realised they’re even on the horizon. And of course there are those that we wish we could forget altogether.
It would have been a special anniversary for me today, but so much has changed since it began all those years ago. It should have been a happy occasion, but now I notice it passing by with sadness, and try not to linger too much on how things might have been.

October 6


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