Fungi 1

It’s been quite wet recently, so I’m seeing a lot of fungi when I walk my dog. Some are quite dramatic, some tiny and insignificant, others so well camouflaged amongst the autumn leaves that they’re difficult to spot. And this year there are even some I don’t remember seeing before. This one was quite large, bigger than the span of my hand, probably about nine or ten inches across. It looked to me like a mushroom, but I don’t think I’ll be trying it just in case I’m wrong!

Fungi 2This group of toadstools, are on waste ground under some silver birch trees. They were almost the same colour as the autumn leaves, and quite low down to the ground. Had they not been shining and glistening in the sunlight, I think I would have missed them completely.


A couple of years ago just round the corner from my house, I spotted a fairy ring under some trees. (See my post from 25th November 2012). I kept looking in the same place last year, but there were only a couple of toadstools, and definitely not in a ring. This year there are a few more toadstools growing in arc shapes, but they’re nowhere near being joined in a complete ring yet. I’m no expert, but the toadstools do look a bit different from last time, but maybe they are just in a different part of their life-cycle.

This typShaggy Ink cape of fungi is new to me. I saw three of them a couple of days ago, standing about five or six inches above the grass, but by the time I’d returned with my camera, someone had stamped on every one of them! This morning I had my camera with me, just in case, and this little one was just poking his head above the grass. It was also the only fungus  that I was able to identify with any certainty (with thanks to as Coprinus Comatus, or Shaggy Ink Cap. Not the best photo by any means, but it was the fungi that inspired this post!



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