A Poppy for Rembrance

A poppy for remembrance

In memory of my great-uncle Charles Nicholls, London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), who died in France between Arras and Cambrai, on 6th November 1918, less than a week before the Armistice.
Also in memory of the many many others who have given their lives before and since, including Scott in 2007.

4 thoughts on “A Poppy for Rembrance

  1. A lovely picture for Remembrance, Gill. Since beginning research on my family tree some years ago I’ve been saddened, so often, to see how many of our young men were sacrificed in wartime; my great-uncle was lost when the ‘Black Prince’ was sunk at the Battle of Jutland.

  2. Likewise. I didn’t even know my Nan had a brother until I started delving into my family history, and then discovered that he was lost in the Great War. No one talked about it. But now we can at least acknowledge their sacrifice, and do them the honour of remembering.

  3. love the poppy pic gill. we are so blessed in this country and it is good to remember those who gave their lives to make it possible.

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