Fungi update

Fungi 7

My dog walk yesterday took me past the open area where in the past I have seen a fairy ring of toadstools. I saw fungi there again a couple of weeks ago, growing not in a ring, but in a number of arcs. I posted the picture on the 10th November, when the toadstools were mere dumpy blobs on squat stems. Now they have opened right up and spread out, with thick frilly edges. I measured the largest (the second one from the bottom), and it was twelve inches across! Some others in an arc nearby have split, and are now beginning to break down and decay. The circle has not joined up this season, but now they are fully developed I can see that they are definitely the same type of fungi that I have seen before in a complete fairy ring.

A little further on I spotted another fungus that I had never seen before, bright yellowy orange, and really rather pretty. There were a dozen or so, spread out on an open, neatly kept grassy area, next to a little chapel. They ranged from about an inch to three inches across, in various convoluted shapes. Being so bright, I thought they would be easy to identify, but although I’ve spent ages researching, I’ve been unable to discover what they are. So can anyone help me?



4 thoughts on “Fungi update

  1. can’t help i’m afraid gill, but they all look pretty. so good to notice all the lovely things god makes for our enjoyment and delight. i saw an awesome sunset the other day with bright orange streaks in turquoise sky. x

  2. The yellow ones might be a type of wax-cap, I suggest that you look up this group of fungi and maybe you will find your one. A really excellent wildlife identification website is where you can post pictures of things you have seen and lots of people including many experts will ID it for you.

    • Hi Elliot, Thanks for your help, I think you’re right, and it must be a wax-cap. I’ve had a look at some other pictures, and I think it might possibly a golden wax-cap.

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