A Different Perspective

I was walking the dog a while ago, when I saw a heron sitting on the apex of a roof at the end of the road, just round the corner from my house. ‘Wow,’ I thought, ‘I’ve never seen a heron sitting on a roof, so close to my house before.’ I was really quite excited! I watched the heron for a couple of moments, until it majestically launched itself off the roof, and flew away. I continued my walk, and on rounding the corner, I saw a man come out of the house. ‘I’ve just seen a heron on your roof,’ I told him excitedly. I was quite unprepared for his reaction. He stormed back into his house, muttering, ‘It’s after the fish in my pond!’ and the door slammed shut behind him.

I was left considering how differently two people can see the same event. Each view is equally valid, and has its own truth based on personal experience, and yet frequently these views can be completely different. I wonder how often this happens in life. When something happens, our experiences cause us to see the event and react to it in certain ways, but this may be completely different to the way others see the same event and the way they react to it. Then we need to look further, and with understanding, we need to see that neither reaction is necessarily right or wrong, but that we are simply viewing the event from a completely different perspective.

heron on a roof




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