Carrier Bags in Trees

I hate litter! Cans, bottles, sweet wrappers, chewing gum trodden into the pavement. But most of all I hate carrier bags caught on twigs and fluttering in the trees. Human refuse billowing in the breeze, despoiling the simple loveliness of nature. I see them out of the corner of my eye, and they have my unwilling attention, as they jerk and gyrate in a macabre dance. I hate it even more when those carrier bags are entangled in my trees. You’ve guessed it; there’s been a dirty white carrier bag caught high up in one of my hornbeam trees for a few days. Someone else’s rubbish, just out of reach, taunting me, mocking me as it twisted and turned with every slight movement of the wind.
Finally I searched down the side of the shed, and unearthed an old bean stake, to which years ago I taped a hanger hook for just such occasions. Precariously balanced on a step-ladder, at full stretch, and with the full length of my bean-stake hook, I just managed to catch the bag and bring it to earth. It took a bit of effort, but now my lovely hornbeam tree is ready to burst into leaf over the next few weeks, without the added adornment of an old carrier bag!


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