I visited Wakehurst Gardens a little while ago, and took a wander through the sheltered ravines of the Rock Walk. Sand rock outcrops are a valuable landscape feature of the High Weald areas of Sussex, where cryptogam plants, many extremely rare, enjoy the moist, shady conditions. Wakehurst and Chiddingly Woods has been designated a site of Special Scientific Interest in order to conserve these special plants. I always stand awhile, amazed, and wonder how these plants and trees can hold onto the rock so securely, and I am astounded that somehow they obtain enough moisture and nutrients to survive. It reminds me too, how tightly I need to cling to God, and how tightly He holds on to me, so that I am secure through the storms of life. And it shows me how even when the going is tough He sustains me and feeds me with the water of life, and I am able to endure.


2 thoughts on “Well-rooted

  1. Thank you Wendy. I think the older I get, the more I realise just how tightly I need to hold on to God, and how solid and unmoveable He is. Gill x

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