Cruising in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Last month I sailed off on another cruise, this time to the Eastern Mediterranean, and over the next few posts I hope to give you a flavour of the places we visited and the things we saw.
We flew from London Gatwick to Venice, where the cruise started and ended. Sadly there was no time to enjoy Venice with its canals and bridges, buildings and antiquities, so if I did such a fly cruise again I would add another day at the beginning or end of the cruise, to taste the delights of the embarkation port. Our cruise this time was the Italian line MSC, and our cruise experience was very much inferior to the ones we had previously had with P & O and with Royal Caribbean. I won’t go into all the problems we faced over the week, but after transferring from the airport, having to stand in an almost stationary queue for over two and a half hours before even setting foot on the boat, was not a good start!
We did however have a good view as we sailed out of Venice, and these are some of the buildings we passed.


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