A surprise in my garden

I had a real surprise last Friday afternoon. I walked through into my living room, and there looking at me through the window, at the bottom corner of the patio door, was a small red-cheeked face. I stopped, quite taken-aback. At first I thought it was an unusual sort of chicken, but as I carefully moved a little closer, I realised that it was in fact a male pheasant. I live in a large town, so it isn’t the sort of thing you expect to see in your garden, and especially not right up close to the house. I slipped off to get my camera, but when I returned, the face at the window had gone. I quietly let myself out through the back door hoping it was still in the garden. I crept round the pergola, and yes, there it was standing on the grass. It saw me immediately, and with a great flurry of wings it clumsily took to flight, with long tail feathers streaming out behind. In a moment it was gone.




Sadly I had no time to take a photo, but it looked something like this.


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