Looking up

We usually see the world from our own eye level. Children see a swathe of knees and trousers – a limited view, their eye-line often blocked. As an adult I see from a slightly more elevated level, and see faces and expressions. Go higher and our view extends even further, but the higher we get the more we tend to look down. I remember a couple of years ago looking down from the top of Old Dungeness Lighthouse in Kent, and last summer staring out across the Lincolnshire countryside from Sibsey Trader Windmill. Even with our feet firmly on the ground, we are always looking down – avoiding muddy puddles, wary of the broken paving stone that might trip us up. Consequently, unless we’re star-gazing, we rarely notice what is actually straight above us. When we do look up, what a different world we then can see; from clouds to skyscrapers, from the natural to the constructed. New perspectives, fresh patterns, surprising shapes and shadows. A new view of the familiar, and an unexpected view of the ordinary that makes it extraordinary. So take a moment to look up, and be surprised!



6 thoughts on “Looking up

  1. Good to be reminded to ‘look up’ but have to support my neck! The analogy is something I’ve thought of before – it’s especially true where we live. There’s always a lot to do as you will have seen Gill; weeding, pruning and sweeping piles of leaves (bushfires hazard here in Oz) I enjoy sitting outside on our front veranda with a cuppa. If I don’t look up regularly then I become dispirited with what has to be done. Above the weeds and natural chaos are the arms of a huge oak tree in which the King Parrots are happily munching on the early acorns. How beautiful these birds are with bright red and green plumage and so content with their life. Their needs are all provided, and so are ours.

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