Blue Butterfly

I was looking through my photos this afternoon, trying to find some inspiration, when I came across this blue butterfly trying to hide on a leaf, almost camouflaged, but not quite.

As I gaze at the picture, the soft muted blues and greens, and the subdued lighting, I realise that I feel a bit like the butterfly, freshly emerged from its chrysalis, fearful and vulnerable; and all I want to do is merge into the background and hide.

I wondered why the picture made me feel this way, and then the penny dropped! Yesterday I finally completed something that I have been putting off for ages, and now I feel as if a part of me is missing. This self-imposed task has been mulling around and taking up space in the back of my mind for many months, but now that space is empty and swept clean. In time I know that something else will fill the gap, but for now I feel sad and somewhat bereft.



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