The Masters Voice

My dog Charlie is a rescue dog, and after being a stray on the streets of Ireland, he can be quite fearful. When I enter the house after being out, Charlie is nowhere to be seen, although he must have heard the key in the lock and the front door opening. The house appears empty as if I have no dog at all, because poor little Charlie is hiding well out of sight in his bed under the stairs! I stand in the hall and call his name, and when he hears the sound of my voice he comes bounding out from the safety of his hiding place. He is so pleased to see me that not only his tail, but his whole body wags; he can’t contain his joy that I have returned to him.

Charlie under the stairs

While I was in church this morning, I got to thinking, and I wondered if we can sometimes be like that with God. In our worship we ask Him to be present, but do we then hide away, as if we’re frightened? Do we simply feel unworthy of His attention, or are we frightened of what He might do in our comfortable lives? Frightened of what He might say or ask of us? So I tell myself that I’m not important enough and He won’t miss me. I hide, retreat into myself and pretend I’m not there.

Then I hear Him call my name – He has noticed me, even me! Am I ready to throw caution to the wind, rush out and meet with Him? And like my dog Charlie, is my whole body so eager to greet Him that my joy over-spills?


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