How oak trees lift the spirit


I awoke this morning feeling sorry for myself – not a good way to wake up! I’d slept badly, and tatters of disjointed dream images still clouded the back of my mind. I opened the curtains, the sky was as overcast and grey as I felt. I went downstairs, let the dog out and made myself a cup of tea. Then I slipped back into the warmth of my bed to do my daily Bible reading – today it was Psalm 62, maybe this would cheer me up. It starts, ‘My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I shall never be shaken.’ “Well Lord,” I grumbled, still feeling sorry for myself. “I don’t feel very rested!” I sipped my tea, and stared out of the window; and the colours of next doors oak tree took my breath away. Oak trees are amongst the last to lose their leaves, and now the colours were finally changing and the leaves fluttering to the ground. The colours are simply glorious. With a quick glance from a distance, you might consider the leaves to be merely brown, but when you look more closely, the various intermingled shades of green, yellow and brown are amazing. My day has been lifted, not only by Psalm 62, but also by the unveiling of God’s beautiful creation.



6 thoughts on “How oak trees lift the spirit

  1. I love your blogs Gill. So encouraging and yes how beautiful Autumn is at the moment . Im not sure if we are in our Autumn years yet but I feel that they will be filled with spiritual beauty too where God opens our eyes to wonderful things.
    God Bless. Judith x

  2. Lovely.. I too read Psalm 62 (my big sister and I have the same daily reading book).
    Due to really bad back pain and a bad night’s sleep, I was ready to be miserable. God reminds us in this Psalm he is our ROCK, our FORTRESS and our SALVATION. I look out of the window here in the Southern Hemisphere and see bright green spring leaves fresh and new, gently ‘clapping their hands with joy.’ The beautiful tiny Eastern Spinebills are collecting their energy-giving nectar from the bright red grevillea flowers in the rockery. Wow! If the trees can clap their hands, so can I and God looks after these tiny birds; feeds them and enjoys watching them just like me. How much more is he looking after us?!

    • Thank you sister Sue 🙂 Yes He is something solid to hold on to when the autumn leaves are swirling, and also when new spring growth appears after the apparent barrenness of winter. xx

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