I dropped a shelf on my foot a couple of weeks ago. It hurt! WOW IT HURT! There was no one else in the house to hear, but I yelled out anyway, I couldn’t stop myself. I don’t know where the almost primeval sound came from, but it was from somewhere deep down inside. It didn’t even sound like my own voice; just a roar of extreme physical pain. And even after the shout it still hurt, so I cried a bit too.

We’re allowed to shout out and cry when we are hurt aren’t we? When we are cut or bruised or broken? But what do we do when the hurt itself is inside, when we can’t actually see it, but our innermost being is crushed or injured in some way? I don’t know about you, but I think I usually bite my metaphorical tongue, and shove the hurt down even deeper inside; where it can fester and grow and mutate unseen. Then sometime in the future it will undoubtedly pop up again, seemingly from nowhere, and cause me yet more pain. How much better to let it out, shout it out if necessary, and maybe with a trusted friend or professional, deal with it before it gets to be a problem.


PS  Just in case you’re worried, my toe is getting better now, and only hurts a little 🙂


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