About me

My name is Gillian, but friends and family call me Gill, and I have two grown up children of whom I am immensely proud, and now a wonderful grandson too. I’m old enough to have found my way through many of life’s difficulties, to have learnt a great deal though acres of mistakes, but still young enough to enjoy kicking through the fallen leaves, and collecting conkers and sweet chestnuts on a wet welly walk with the dog in Autumn.

I was born in London, but have lived in Crawley, in the heart of the Sussex Weald since I was seven years old. It’s a vibrant, diverse town, but much maligned by the media – it really is much nicer living here than the tabloids would have us believe!

I spent almost twenty years working as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant at a local primary school. I started as a volunteer when my kids were small, but they grew up and moved on to secondary school, and somehow I got left behind. It was great working with children for all those years, mostly teaching literacy, phonics and spelling, and helping those who were finding it difficult. But things have changed dramatically in schools over the last few years, and it became increasingly difficult to gain any satisfaction from the job I once enjoyed, and so the time came to move out of mainstream education. I loved working in school, and I love working with children, so now I tutor privately, teaching English – reading and writing, phonics and spelling – to primary aged children. I also pop into a local nursery with my guitar once a week or so, where we have great fun singing action songs and nursery rhymes.

I’ve been a Christian since I was fourteen, and am an active member of the Vine Christian Fellowship, which meets in Crawley. I play guitar for our Sunday school, and write children’s worship songs. I also take my guitar to a couple of lunchtime Lighthouse Clubs in local primary schools, where we introduce the children to Jesus through Bible stories and simple songs. As you can see, my beliefs and faith underpin everything I do, both professionally and personally.

For as long as I can remember, I have written. Stories, poems, songs, thoughts; scribblings on scraps of paper, musings on computer, notes on netbook. I love words and the sounds of words, and the way these words and sounds string together and flow in sequences, rhythms and intonation.

So here is a platform for some of my work. I can play with words and sounds as much as I wish. And maybe some other folk can enjoy them too.

5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thanks for reading my blog and clicking like. I too was born and brought up in London but moved away when I married. I love the area of England in which you live. I spent several months, on three separate occasions, playing companion to an elderly lady in your area so I know it well. I shall come back to see what else you are writing/commenting on.

  2. Hello Gill, I have just followed your blog because its great but also we have a lot in common; I also live in Crawley and have done for most of my life (I also think it is a nicer place than most people think), wildlife is my passion, I am a Christian and I love writing – I aspire to be a successful writer (God willing!) I also have a blog similar to yours, if you want to check it out it is at http://www.wildlifeandwords.com

    • Hi Elliot, and sorry for the late reply – it’s a busy time of year! It’s great to hear from you, and nice to link up with someone else local, and a Christian too – even better! Keep up the writing 🙂 Ps I love your wildlife descriptions.

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