Bible Journalling

Journalling the Bible

October 2014

I received a book I wanted for my birthday last month, entitled ‘Journalling the bible’ by Corin Child, and published by Brf. I want to re-ignite my writing, and using this book will have the added bonus of developing my relationship with God at the same time. I’m aiming to complete one of the writing exercises every week, but I’m going to do it the ‘old fashioned-way’, and actually write instead of merely typing onto the computer. I completed the first exercise a couple of weeks ago, and before attempting the second exercise, I read out loud what I had written. I was surprised at how well the passage flowed, and felt that it had a freshness and vibrancy that I don’t usually notice in my writing.

As a result, I have decided to add a new page to my blog, and write-up some of these exercises as I go along. I’m still planning to start out with pen and paper and then type it up, so that what is recorded here will have been spell-checked, but only had minimal or no re-drafting. I hope what I write here remains fresh and immediate, and isn’t lost in translation between pen and keyboard.

Do join me on my journey, and I would welcome your thoughts and comments.



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