Calves and butterflies

Saturday 1st November. All Saints Day


I am weak and vulnerable. I am weary, my legs crumble beneath me and my step is uncertain. I feel like a calf, new-born, struggling to find my balance in an alien world. I am unsure what is expected of me. Strengthen my ungainly limbs, make my joints firm. Help me to find a place in your world, my niche in your kingdom. The place where I am picked first, because only I will fit the gap.

I feel like a newly emerging buButterfly1 London Zootterfly, damp wings drying in the warmth of your smile and the acceptance in your eyes. I flex my wings, I am ready to fly. Free me from deception, and show me that flight is possible. Don’t allow me to be trapped or stamped on, and save me from being under-valued or pushed aside. In your mercy lift me up, encourage me, and make me secure in the knowledge of your love and my place in your world.


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