My writing

I cannot remember a time when I haven’t been writing, or haven’t had a writing project ‘on the go’.  Some were finished, others are still ‘on the go’, and hopefully may be finished one day.  I’ve written short stories, children’s stories, articles, letters, poems, a couple of which have been published, a couple nearly published, a second place in a children’s story competition, but many more were disappointingly  ‘returned to sender’.

So here are a few samples of my writing, do let me know what you think….

4 thoughts on “My writing

  1. Hi Gill

    Kerto sent me a link to your blog as she knows I am currently writing my first ever novel!

    One thing I know is going to be a challenge is: what do I do with it once it is finished? Would you mind awfully if I were to pick your brains on this?


    • Hi Gary,
      That’s the big question – how to get published – and I’m still working on it! The first thing to do is to get a copy of the most recent Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook, and look for publishers and agents that publish your kind of story. And then I wish you all the luck in the world.
      All the best, Gill

  2. My dream too although I’ve never actually completed anything yet, they’re all on the go! Perhaps one day…. It’s my fuzzy brain, I can’t seem to keep my mind one one thing at a time! I think your writing is great, I especially like Eve and The Apple.

  3. Glad you like the writing Eleenie. I enjoyed writing Eve and the Apple, even tho’ it was difficult writing it in such a short time – perhaps that’s what makes it so immediate.
    Do stop by again, Gill.

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