The Lost Sheep

(A poem for children, small or not so small!)

A Shepherd had a hundred sheep,
He knew them all by name.
He took them out into the fields,
And when he called, they came.

One day a little lamb got lost.
The Shepherd loved him, so
He looked to left, he looked to right,
But could he find him?  No!

“I’ve lost my lamb, my little lamb,
He really must be found.
I’ve lost my lamb,” he told his mates,
“Have you seen him around?”

“My little lamb will be alone,
He’ll be so terrified.
Where can he be? Where can he be?”
The worried Shepherd cried.

And then he saw his little lamb,
Caught in a fallen tree.
He scrambled through to rescue him,
And quickly set him free.

He took him home, and told his mates,
“My little lamb is found.
I’m gonna have a party,
You all can come around.”

Now Jesus loves his children too,
He knows us all by name.
We might be big, we might be small,
He loves us just the same.

© Gillian Brazier 2012

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