Rock Songs

Saturday 18th October and Thursday 23rd October 2014


Clinging to the rock






You are the solid rock I cling to, that holds me firm.
You are the safe tower I run to, steadfast, unmovable.

You are the true light shining forth to guide my steps.
                and the flame that ignites my reluctant spirit.

You are the sun that melts my unforgiving heart.
You are the rain that washes away my selfish frown.
You are the grit that smooths and softens my rough edges,
               and the strong-arm that lifts me from the miry pit.

Yours are the creative hands that drew me forth.
Yours the skill that re-assembled me when I was crushed.
Yours the breath that granted me new life,
              and the wind that ruffles my hair with a fathers touch.

Yours is the path I follow through the tangled mess of life.
Yours the guiding footsteps that will lead me home.
You are alpha and omega, my beginning and my end,
               and the everlasting song within my heart.

©Gillian  Brazier 2014

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